Final Sustainable DC Plan Released

SDC-Logo-2013Mayor Vincent Gray released today the Sustainable DC Plan to ensure the District is the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the nation. The plan is the culmination of 20 months of work by the Sustainable DC initiative, launched in September 2011 and co-led by the DC Office of Planning and the District Department of the Environment.  This initiative has been a collaborative effort involving several District government agencies, more than 700 working group participants, stakeholders from the private, non-profit and institutional sectors, and thousands more who submitted sustainability ideas online and participated in more than 180 public meetings and events.

In April 2012, Mayor Gray released his Vision for a Sustainable DC to make the District the most sustainable city in the nation by 2032. The vision set out ambitious overarching goals and targets for nine areas related to sustainability.  These goals and targets served as the foundation for the creation of the final plan.

The Sustainable DC Plan comprehensively addresses four key challenges: creating jobs and growing the District’s economy; improving the health and wellness of residents; ensuring equity and diversity across the city; and improving the climate and the environment. The plan includes 32 goals and 31 targets, and offers 143 specific actions in the built environment, energy, food, nature, transportation, waste and water.

Actions in the Sustainable DC Plan include:

  • Coordinating targeted workforce-development strategies and education programs to create jobs and foster business growth in the green economy;
  • Building 1,000 more renewable-energy systems and enabling residents and businesses across the city to more easily invest in shared renewable facilities;
  • Modernizing all of the District’s public school buildings to at least the LEED Gold standard under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED system and expanding sustainability-education efforts citywide.
  • Controlling pollution caused by stormwater runoff with 2,000,000 more square feet of green roofs and a healthy tree canopy over 40 percent of the city;
  • Completing 37 miles of streetcar network and 100 miles of citywide bike lanes;
  • Establishing facilities to accept residential and commercial compost; and
  • Providing tens of millions of dollars in innovative financing to promote private-sector energy- and water-efficiency retrofits.

The final Sustainable DC Plan and more details about Sustainable DC are available at

How DC is planning parking for a 21st Century city

By Tanya Stern

DC Office of Planning (OP) Director Harriet Tregoning and District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Director Terry Bellamy co-authored this Washington Post op-ed that talks about how the District is planning for parking in a 21st Century Washington, DC. Of particular focus are proposals included in OP’s comprehensive update of the District’s 50+ year old zoning code: simplifying the complex parking minimum standards and eliminating parking minimum requirements downtown and in other higher-density, mixed-use settings near frequent mass transit.  DDOT also recently launched moveDC, a collaborative transportation planning effort to incorporate transit, vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian and freight uses into a single Multimodal Long Range Transportation Plan for the District of Columbia. The plan is scheduled to be completed in 2014 and will include recommendations to create a seamless and convenient transportation system for the District.

To learn more about the parking minimums proposals, please visit OP’s ZoningDC blog and this Parking factsheet.

To learn more about moveDC, please visit or check it out on Facebook ( and Twitter (