R-4 Text Amendment Proposal Update

There have recently been a few items in the blogosphere about the recently submitted R-4 amendment proposal, and whether or not OP’s current R-4 proposal is resulting in building permit issuance being halted while the ZC review is underway.

The R-4 proposal (Zoning Commission Case 14-11) was submitted to the Zoning Commission, and was “set down” on July 17 for a public hearing. The public hearing date has not yet been set, but is likely to be in the late fall.

A proposed change to the zoning text does not change the existing regulations until the Zoning Commission takes final action, after a public hearing. There has not been a public hearing or any action by the Zoning Commission, therefore the existing regulations continue in effect. As such, any building permit application that has or will be filed during the time this proposal is under review will continue to be evaluated by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) under the current regulations. There is no halting of permits.

A copy of the OP report, with the OP recommended changes, is available on the DC Office of Zoning website. You can also read a summary and an explanation of the proposal on OPinions. We will be posting more information on the proposal and the alternatives that the Zoning Commission requested. Please feel free to contact OP (202-442-7600) if you have any questions.