Guess DC’s 2014 Population!

On Tuesday December 23rd the US Census Bureau is expected to release current and revised population estimates for states across the country; the District of Columbia is also included. Care to put your thinking cap on and take a guess as to what the District’s 2014 population number will be? Sign up and take the Office of Planning’s (OP) survey. The person who is able to come the closest (+/-) will receive a prize (a hard copy of the 2013 Indices: A Statistical Index of District of Columbia Government Services report).

Please complete the survey and provide your name, email and which ward you live in. We will announce the winner after the Census officially releases the District’s 2014 population estimate. Due to the scarcity of the 2013 Indices report (it’s a collector’s item!), we request that no one enter who has direct prior knowledge of the 2014 population estimate. The last day to enter your guess is Monday December 22nd at 5:00pm.

As a reference point, the US Census’ original 2013 estimate was 646,449 (see graph below — click to enlarge).

dc population 2000-2013
Source: US Census Bureau.

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